Springfield dad dies trying to save his kids in fire

Imam Wissam Abdul Baki, of the Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts, meets with fatal fire victims' relatives near the scene of a blaze that killed a man and two children and sent four others to the hospital in Springfield on Sunday, March 18, 2018. Staff photo by Christopher Evans

brave father died with his two young children when he rushed back into a burning apartment for them after first getting his pregnant wife and toddler out, while other residents dropped a baby to safety out a window, authorities and witnesses said.

“He died for them,” Imam Wissam Abdul Baki of the Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts said of the Somalian father, who died with two of his young children on the second floor of a four-story, 20-unit brick residence at 49 Belmont Ave. in the early morning blaze today…more: bostonherald

A Neurologist Shows Why Fasting is So Good for Your Brain

fasting is so good“There’s evidence not just from animals but from humans that fasting is good for the body. It will reduce inflammation. It will reduce oxidative stress in organ systems throughout the body. And one thing that happens when you fast that does not happen when you eat three meals a day, is that your energy metabolism shifts so that you start burning fat.:….more:  wakingtimes

New U.S. Embassy May Be in Jerusalem, but Not in …

The dispute could turn the American ambassador, David M. Friedman, an avid supporter of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, into a new kind of diplomatic settler himself. The plan is for the provisional embassy to be housed in what is now the consular services section of the United States …more: nytimes

What’s Happening in Syria is an Abomination | Stephen Hawking

Image result for BALCK…Today in Syria we see modern technology in the form of bombs, chemicals and other weapons being used to further so-called intelligent political ends. But it does not feel intelligent to watch as more than 100,000 people are killed or while children are targeted. It feels downright stupid, and worse, to prevent humanitarian supplies from reaching clinics where, as Save the Children will document in a forthcoming report, children are having limbs amputated for lack of basic facilities, and newborn babies are dying in incubators for lack of power….MORE:  theguardian