The Victorian Muslims of Britain

The stories of the British aristocrats who converted to Islam.

In 1913, the Daily Mirror newspaper responded to Lord Headley’s conversion in a story headlined “Irish peer turns to Islam”.

“That the lure of Eastern religions is affecting an increasing number of Europeans, is again shown by the announcement that Lord Headley, an Irish peer, who spent many years in India, has become a convert to Islam,” the article stated…more:

FBI Terminated Gorka for his Over-the-top Islamophobic Rhetoric.

The inflammatory pundit Sebastian Gorka worked for the FBI while he was a paid consultant to Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, lecturing bureau employees on counterterrorism issues.
Until the FBI terminated Gorka for his over-the-top Islamophobic rhetoric.
The Daily Beast has learned that the Federal Bureau of Investigation ended its contract with Gorka just months before he joined the White House as a senior adviser to President Trump….MORE:  .thedailybeast.

Why a 70-year-old woman cooks for hundreds from her Montreal apartment

Sabariah Hussein“This is the happiness of my life, to see the smiles on people’s faces,” she told CTV News. “Never mind religion or race, I’m there for them.”

Her Montreal apartment is filled with the aroma of rich spices. Curries, chicken patties and stews are cooked fresh every day.

Hussein says her acts of culinary compassion originate from her mother, who she says would cook for up to 1,000 people free of charge…MORE: