Future Heat Stress During Muslim Pilgrimage (Hajj) Projected to Exceed “Extreme Danger” Levels

image…Millions of Muslims participate in the Hajj each year, and those who are in good health and can afford it are obligated to participate in it at least once in their lifetime. The followers of Islam represent nearly one quarter of the world’s human population, and most of them aspire to perform Hajj as an important part of their faith, with their desire to participate becoming more urgent as their age advances (Gatrad & Sheikh, 2005). As a result, among the two to three million pilgrims participating in Hajj every year for 2 to 3 weeks, a disproportionate fraction is elderly coming from Muslim communities around the world and visits the holy sites…more:agubuos

Ron DeSantis picks Julia Nesheiwat for Chief Resilience Officer

21687543_837014269808896_8065446902026925414_n“Congratulations to fellow Arab American Julia Nesheiwat on being named Florida’s first-ever Chief Resilience Officer! Happy to see Dr. Nesheiwat continue to keep us all out of harm’s way” (Arab-Americans in Foreign Affairs Agencies)
Ron DeSantis picks Julia Nesheiwat for Chief Resilience Officer
Nesheiwat will serve as the state’s first-ever Chief Resilience Officer
After less than six months, Florida’s first chief resilience officer, the person tasked with helping the state survive climate change, is leaving…more: floridapolitics.com