How two funerals helped turn one small Georgia city into a hotspot for coronavirus

Two funerals and lack of social distancing: How coronavirus took ...…That cluster of coronavirus cases was linked to the funerals of 64-year-old Andrew J. Mitchell and another man, held in late February and early March, Dougherty County Council Chairman Chris Cohilas said. Albany, a city of roughly 75,000 people — as well as Cohilas’ county, where Albany is based — is the latest example of how the virus has started disrupting smaller, more rural areas as much as the country’s larger, urban cities…more: cnn

Combining Two Prayers!

  •  Image result for join two sallatCombining the salah at ‘Arafa and al-Muzdalifah

The scholars are in agreement that one is to combine the zuhr and ‘asr prayer during the time of the zuhr prayer, at ‘Arafa [during the performance of the pilgrimage], and the maghrib and ‘isha prayers during the time of the ‘isha at muzdalifah, following the example of the Prophet.

. Combining the salah during traveling..MORE:  islamicstudies