As organized religion shrinks, faith-based charities worry about the future

As organized religion shrinks, faith-based charities worry about the future  - The Washington Post…Burge fears younger Americans, in particular, don’t see organized religion as useful. But “it’s one of those things where you don’t know what you had till it is gone.” Brad Fulton, associate professor of nonprofit management at the University of Indiana — Purdue University Indianapolis, said it’s hard to quantify exactly how much assistance churches and other faith groups provide, ..MORE: washingtonpost

Saudi Arabia Allies Itself With Macron Against Islamism

Mohammed Al Issa, le président de la Ligue islamique his fight against Islamism, Emmanuel Macron has just received the support of Saudi Arabia, yet regularly accused of Wahhabi proselytism. It came from the secretary general of the Islamic World League and advisor to Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman on religious affairs. Asked by a Saudi TV after the speech on separatism, this close to MBS denounced “Muslims – or those who claim to be – who have given a bad image of our religion by their extremism,…

French Lamartine: ” Who Would Dare Humanly Compare a Great Man of Modern History With Muhammad?

Loving Jesus or Muhammad - Can I Have Both? | About IslamAlphonse de Lamartine (d. 1869) was a French poet, politician, and writer who was influential in the foundation of the Second Republic. He was a central figure who led the campaign to abolish slavery and the death penalty and was a strong advocate of democracy. The following is the way he described the Prophet Muhammad:..more: ballandalus

French philosopher criticizes Macron: Muslims have morals and a sense of honor

In a television episode broadcast last Friday, and in a heated debate between two French thinkers known for their controversial positions, French philosopher Michel Onfray praised Muslims for the famous French program “Face à l’Info” on CNews, in his debate with journalist and writer Eric Zamour about the recent events in the country.

Onfray – known as an atheist – considered that Islam offers a system liberated from materialism, saying that “Muslims teach us a lesson in anti-materialism,” and added, …more:tellerreport