Int’l film festival to honor scientists of Islamic Golden Age

…While the world continues to battle with the global COVID-19 pandemic, the International 7 Saints 7 Cities Short Film Festival has decided its theme “Physicians of the Great Age,” dedicating its latest edition to health care workers around the world. The festival, organized by the Competent Art Cinema and Culture Association, is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Cinema Department.

Eda Sürmeli, the head of the festival committee, stated that they were delighted that the festival is in its eighth year, having started as a festival of films focusing on Islamic mysticism. Sürmeli said that the festival is unique because it does not feature ready films but rather produces them based on a selection of seven scripts focusing on a chosen subject….more:dailysabah

France’s ‘crisis’ with Islam: A legacy of 200 years of colonial brutality

French Soldiers check the identity of Muslims at a check point on 12 December, 1960 in Algeria a few days before the UN statement acknowledging the right to the self-determination for Algerians. …In fact, the normalisation of hate speech against Muslims not only legitimises the institutionalised discrimination to which French Muslims are subjected, but also incites violence against them inside and outside France, including the shootings at the mosque of Brest and the targeting of its popular imam Rachid Eljay in June 2019 and the attack on the mosque of Bayonne in October 2019 that wounded four. Outside France, the terrorist who committed the 2019 massacre at the Christchurch mosques in New Zealand, killing 51 Muslim worshippers and wounding 49, cited the murderous theories of the Islamophobic French thinker Renaud Camus as influencing his actions. …more:middleeasteye

Muslim MD in the Front: Australia Post pays tribute to frontline heroes with new stamp issue

Nurses and hospital workers 2020 was a year like no other. The global pandemic has presented huge challenges to the health and wellbeing of people throughout the world. Millions have succumbed to the coronavirus, lives have been disrupted and national economies shaken.

This stamp issue pays tribute to the workers in the frontline of the pandemic in Australia. By putting their own safety at risk to assist and protect other Australians, these brave individuals have been indispensable in helping us through the insidious effects of Covid-19.

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