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till on the loose in New York City is the man who tried to set a Muslim woman’s blouse on fire in a department store. The blouse was in accordance with hijab, the traditional dress code for Muslim women. The woman was not harmed, according to reports, and it’s believed that a suspect in the case has also targeted women without hijabs – but when you heard about this story, it’s likely your brain linked the attack to religious bias. ..more:NJ.COM|BY NJ.COM

To Stop Injustice She Gave up her Right to Anonymity to Encourage Others to Share Their Stories

A church minister was jailed yesterday after abusing his status as a pillar of the community to hide the fact that he had raped his daughter.

Mark Anderson, 54, who worked at an Apostolic Pentecostal church in Hackney, north London, twice raped Rebekah Anderson in their own home when she was aged nine and 12.

When she was 14, he sexually assaulted her and attacked her causing her actual bodily harm because she tried to tell her mother what had happened.

Rebekah Anderson gave up her right to anonymity to encourage others to share their stories
He was jailed for 19 years after being convicted …more: thetimes.co.uk

Aleppo is a symbol of American weakness

Image resultIn April of 1937, the war planes of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy chose a market day to bomb a Basque town, one of the first times a civilian population was deliberately targeted. Pablo Picasso, a native of Spain, quickly reacted by depicting the horror in his famous mural named for the town, “Guernica.” It was finished by June. If he were alive today, he might want to paint one called “Aleppo.” It should be mounted outside the White House….more:  washingtonpost