Zakaatul-maal & Zakaatul-FITR


Literally, Zakaat means, Blessing, purification, increase and goodness. The soul of one who gives Zakaat is blessedand so is his/er wealth. Technically Zakaat is defined as: “A determined portion taken from wealth and allocated to those deserving it, by a Qur’aanic injunction.” Zakaat is the third of the Five Pillars of Islam. Denying it leads to disbelief Muslims should also pay their Zakaat (2. 1/2%) of their possessions (money or goods for sell) for a period of one lunar year.

Muslims are urged to be always charitable, but in Ramadhan they are urged to be more so. The Prophet Muhammad used to give away much more during Ramadhan. However, a special mandatory Zakaat that must be paid during the month Ramadhan or on the early morning of Eidul-Fitr is “Zakaatul Fitr”. It is estimated to be approximately $8.00 per Person, the cost of food sufficient for an ordinary adult person for one day. It is to be paid on behalf of the person, the Spouse, all children including an infant born in Ramadhan, and others like home-helpers and parents who are supported financially by their children.