Daily Program at Masjid

Regular Programs


Teen Activities – Fridays

Dawah – Thursday Evenings

Tazkiyah – Sundays,  more: (Tazkiyah)

Learn to recite the Holy  Qur’aan Tue.  MoreTajweed

Friday:  Study of Aqeedah and Faith ( After Maghrib)

Self control art: Tuesdays and Wednesday: Seminar of Self-control

Scholar’s Circle – 1st Tuesday of Month

Daily Tajweed: After Fajr

Daily Hadith: After Ishaa

Fiqh ( learning Islam)  for beginners

Learning Arabic ( registration is open: [email protected] )






Ramadan Program ( May Allah accept the good deeds and help us to be steadfast till we meet Him)

Ishaa Prayer:  (see Daily Iqamah Timings)

Taraweeh prayer will follow Ishaa Prayer

Fajr prayer is at: (see Daily Iqamah Timings)

Daily Iftar

Daily Qur’aan : Fajr Prayer

Saturday: community Iftar

Sunday: announcement