Arabic and Education (Level 2)

Arabic L2

Level 2
Student will be able to read the letters with the mad ( ?? ? ? ? ).
Student will be able to read the letters with the Tanween ( ? ? “)
Student will be able to read the letters with the Shaddah ( ? ) with the Tanween ( ? ? “).
student will join the letters and movements in Qur’anic words.
Student will memorize from Surah #99 to102

Islamic L2

Level 2

Islamic Edu. Step 2

Student will learn:
Love Allah Al Khaliq p9
Tawheed p 15
Ashshakur p 20 project
Iman p 26 (and general review)
Reviewing wudu p31 to37 ( & practice)
Attahiyaat wit meaning p43
How to pray (with meaning and practice). P 40
Athan p48 Practicing Athan with meaning (and general review)
Masjid rules (project: practice)
Zakaat p 56
(Project zakat ); project: to be made, for example: collecting money for good cause…
Sawm p58 (project : Sawm And Iftar ) (and general review)
Make a trip to hajj ( practice) p 64
Write Islamic calendar and put it on the class p 66.. emphasis on the most important and significant Islamic event ( race and award).
Learn the Jumu’ah prayer
The importance of Sunah p 83 (and general review)
Displeasing parents p 101 ( remind them, first, about the reward p100) project.: pleasing parents.
Friends p 97
Truthfulness p 94
Love of Muslims p 91 (and general review) project: Community and Masjid service.
How to sleep p 89 (reviewing with additional info.)
Eating p 86 (reviewing with additional info.)
Bathroom p 89

Memorize Hadith ( the beloved action to ALLAH) p 121 (and general review)
Memorize Hadith ( Muslim and society) p 126
Memorize Hadith ( parents ) p 128 (and general review)
Memorize Hadith ( truthfulness ) p 127
Our father and Iblis p 132 (and general review)
Isa p 147
The beloved Prophet p 153
=== project