Arabic and Education (Level 3)

Level 3 Arabic

Student will be able to read Quran and will learn :
The lam Qmaryaah and Shamsyah
Rules of the reading the name of Allaah
The Hamzahtul Wasl
The Taa Mrabootah
Avoiding the two sakeen
The waqf at the end of the words
Student will memorize from Surah # 93 to 98
Student will learn some ( vocabulary)

L 3 Islamic Edu.

Level 3

Islamic Edu. Step 3

Student will learn:
knowing and Loving of : Arrahman Ar-Rahim 11
Al Wadowd p 12
alkareem 12
Ar-Razak 13 projetc. (and general review)
Shirk 16
All hearing and seeing p21
All forgiving p 26
Al-Ihsaan p32 (and general review). Project.
Virtuous and reward of purification ( reviewing and more info.) p38 and check Wudu ( Practice)
congregational prayer p 56
Salaat Al Masbooq p 57
practice Salaat and what you’ve learned ( Masjid) (and general review)
stress about the Importance of Masjid ( building, visiting , honoring and serving it)p 65
importance of Sadaqah p 70
optional swam ( Project SAWM and Iftar at Masjid) p73
Arkan of Hajj p79 (and general review)
Muslims around the world p 86
Zakat AL Fitr P89 ( project of good action for Masjid , community) (and general review)
Eid prayer and optional of prayers
Prayer of need (Al Haajah) ( additional) (and general review)
Why Sunnah p 102
Etiquette of visiting p 106
Another reminder of chosen a friend p 111
Manners p 114 (and general review)
Du’aa (with meaning) p 123 to 127
Hadith p 134 Hadith p 136
Hadith p 139 (and general review)
Hadith p138 – Hadith p 140
Hadith P141 (and general review)
Know your beloved, the Prophet Mohammad p 167 ( project)
Know your enemy: Ashayataan p 146 project: upset Shayytaan: do not upset any body, do not lie, do not listen Haram or see. Or do… do opposite…