Arabic and Education (Level 4)

L4 Arabic:

Level 4
Student will be able to read Quran and start learning the Tajweed.
Student will review:
Makaahrij Al Horrof
Ahkaam ?? the noon
Ahkaam ?? the Meem
Student will memorize from Surah (Tabaarak) – or whatever they can – with meaning and be exhorted to recite it in daily based before sleeping . continue with the next page :
Student will the ( vocabulary) of the Surah
Islamic edu.

Level 4


Islamic Edu. Step 4

Student will learn:
Knowing Allah and loving Him p3
The result of faith and Tawheed p6
: Allah: the protector p12 project.
Faith and Al- Qadar p15 (and general review)
Salaat: Taharah p21
Water classification p23
Impurity p27
Types of Salaat p33 (and general review)
Salaat and its condition p39
Obligation of Salaat 44
Friday p49 (project and practice- chose an Imam and speaker)
Ramadan p 57 activity p61 ( project swam and IFTAR) (and general review)
Al Hajj 62
Prophet Ibrahim p 68
Prophet Isma’eel p 73

Hadith: Knowledge p 88 (and general review)
Hadith: Swearing p 89
Hadith: Pillars p 91
Enjoining Good p 92 project
Arrifq p 93 project… (and general review)
let he p94
the reward p 95 self p 96 pleasing Parents Project.
Musafahah p 97 poject
Tasbeeh p 104 porject (and general review)
Du’aa After wudu p105 review Wudu and Salaat ( students will supervise and take notes
, the meaning of Athan, the Muslim Identity, Duaa After Ahtan p105 ,
Love the Prophet: The THE ROLE MODLE P111 (project)
====== (and general review)
Hadith :

Parents p114
Cheating p 124
Umrah p 143
Al Ansaar & Hijrah p 155