Arabic and Education, Kindergarten

Student will recognize the sound of the Arabic letters
student will know the letters (not memorize them in order)
student will be able to read the letters with the sound of Fatha ?) )
Student will memorize the last three Suras with correct pronunciation.
The Islamic suggested Program of Study
“The Secret of our success in Sunday school is: Love to do it, only for the sake of Allaah, and in the most perfect way, as the Prophet said.”

Level expectation
KindergartenStudent will learn the simple meaning:
The Love of Allah through His attributes (book available (our religion is Islam: coloring book).
The Love of the Prophet Mohammad. ( Seearah coloring book)
Songs of the Principles of Imam and the Arakan Islam
Manners, sharing, caring, respecting Masjid, respecting elders…
project: pleasing parents
The basic and easy of Salaat’s movement and Thikr ( Salaat coloring book)