Da’wah Among non-Muslims in the West

Da’wah Among non-Muslims in the West
Situation, Problems and Scope

Three Questions

Let us start by stating an obvious but disturbing truth. We are doing almost no Da’wah among non-Muslims in the West, indeed, to be truthful, anywhere in the world. Why? That must be the first important question we should try to answer. At the macro-level, as an Ummah of one billion Muslims or as Muslim countries and nations, the objective of Da’wah has no place among our goals and priorities. Almost none of our national resources are spent on this immensely important task. Similarly, at the intermediate level of Muslim communities living within non-Muslim countries, we live totally indifferent to this primary duty to our neighbours. Neither do we make an Islamic impact on them, though we are more than a million strong in some Western countries (more than 130 million in India). At the micro-level of small Islamic groups and persons, with few exceptions, again, Da’wah among non-Muslims commands little of our attention, time or resources.

Secondly, whatever little we are doing is not very effective. Again, why? That should be the second important question before us.

The third question should be: Are our present concepts, approaches and methods appropriate and correct for Da’wah among non-Muslims, or do they need to be modified or altered? If so, in what ways?  More