The Muslim Community is on Edge.

Fear among local Muslims

National controversy concerns local Muslims

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Muslim community is on edge.

Plans to burn the Quran at a church in Florida and controversy surrounding the mosque prosed near Ground Zero in New York have instigated hatred of Muslims around the world.

At the mosque in West Springfield, Muslims arriving for morning prayers say they feel uneasy.

“He has attained what he wanted to do. He wanted to create hatred against the Muslim community, ” said Dr. Kimat Khatak, a local Muslim who is part of the Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts.

Although there have been no major crimes against the Muslim community in West Springfield, there have been some instances of people throwing rocks at the Imam’s house and driving by screaming racial slurs.

Many of the Muslims who spoke with 22News pointed out how Catholics were banished in the mid-1800’s and acknowledged what the Jews went through during World War II. They believe this too will pass.

“We are confident that wisdom will prevail, ” said Dr. Saleem Bajwa, also a member of the Islamic Society.