The Most Bizarre Incident!!

A SLEEPWALKER gave himself a “wake-up call” in a mostbizarrefashion.

Sandford Rothman, a 63-year-old from Boulder, Colorado, woke up to “a bang” and found he had shot himself in the knee while sleepwalking.

According to police, Rothman keeps a 9mm handgun near his bed and takes prescription medication for pain, but no alcohol or illegal drugs played a role in the shooting.

The unlucky sleepwalker was treated at Boulder Community Hospital before being released.

The nocturnal mishap comes not long after the curious case of the hiker who accidentally shot himself in the bum after putting a handgun in his back pocket.

Having placed the gun there because he thought it would be a more ‘comfortable’ position than in its holster, 52-year-old Darrel Elam – from Washington’s colourfully named Snohomish County – fired a bullet from the .40-caliber weapon down his left buttock and left leg before it came to rest just above his knee.


  • a.z. Ibrahim

    why is this story on the website?

    • ICWM

      Allah says: “Say: “Who can guard and protect you in the night or in the day from the (punishment of the) Most Gracious (Allâh)?” Nay, but they turn away from the remembrance of their Lord” Surat Al-‘Anbyā’ (The Prophets): 21:12