Islamic Peace Throughout History

History reveals that Islam is the only system of belief to offer a just, tolerant and compassionate way of government in the Middle East. The Pax Ottomana, which came to an end with the withdrawal of the Ottoman Empire from the region, has still not been replaced. After the Ottomans, the Middle East first passed into the hands of European colonialists, and then became the target of Israel’s policies of occupation and aggression.
There is one fundamental reason for the current conflict in the Middle East: The fact that the sides do not want to make peace. What Israel must do is to abide by U.N. resolution 242 and withdraw to the pre-1967 borders, and recognize and grant the rights of the Palestinian people. What the Palestinians (and other Arabs) should do is to abandon such aims as “pouring Israelis into the sea” and accept living together with the Jews. The most important thing of all is not to dirty just causes with barbaric acts of terrorism against civilians.
In short, in order for there to be peace in the Middle East, both sides have to agree to be moderate and tolerant, and make a genuine effort to rid themselves of Jewish racism (Atheist Zionism) or Arab chauvinism. The vision that is needed for this is hidden in the virtues that Islamic morality has blessed the Middle East over the past centuries