Stage of Twabah 5-2

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“Tawbah” is the servant returning to his lord, and leaving off the way of of those who have incured the anger of Allah upon and them and those

who go astray, and this does not occur except by the guidance to thestraight path. One does not obtain His guidance except by seeking His assistance and singling Him out in worship, as the surah Al Fatihah contains and show this in the most eloquent manner.Thus, whoever gives the Fatihah its’ rights – by knowledge and deed – knows that by reciting it as a form of worship cannot truly be so, except by sincere repentance. For indeed complete guidance to the straight path cannot be by ignorance of sins, and insisting upon doing it, because first of all ignorance negates guidance and knowing the truth, and acting otherwise negates wanting to be guided. Hence, because of this tawbah is not correct except after knowing the sins (ones’), admiting to it and seeking to have its evil effect removed in this life and the next.

Explaination of tawbah

Many people explain tawbah by it being the serious commitment not to return to sin{s}, avoiding it and reget as to what on has did. Eventhough, this may be true for everyone, actually tawbah in islam – from the statements of Allah and his messenger(saw) – entitles that one makes a commitment to do what is commanded and sticking to it, and not just regret and avoiding the sin. And until one finds within oneself the firm commitment to do that which is commanded and leave off what is prohibited, then this will not be considered true “tawbah”.

Inded, true tawbah is returning to Allah by making a firm resolation to do what he loves, and leave off what he hates, so it is returning from what is hated to what is loved. Thus, returning to what is loved is one thing , and leaving off what is hated is a next, and this is why Allah gave unconditional happiness to those who do what has been obligated and leave off what has been prohibited, Allah says “and repent to Allah all of you, O ye believers, perchance that you may be sucessful” (24:13). So every repenter is sucessfull.

Thus, it is understood “tawbah” is leaving of what Allah hates appearant and hidden and returning to what he loves appearant and hidden, and this comes under the title of islam, eeman and ihsan. This is why tawbah is the objective of every mumin, it is what his deen begins with and it is what it ends with, and it is because of this we were created, and it is from one of the greatest parts of tawheed. However, many people do not know the reality of “tawbah”, not to mention establishing it in their lives by the knowledge of it and implementing it. Allah made the people who repent as His special ones amongst his creation, and if “tawbah” was not an all encompassing name for the principles of islam, and the reality of eeman, Allah would not have had this great joy he gets when the servant repents to him. Thus. must of what the people talk about from everday situations and experiences (like someone becoming a muslim etc…….) are just details of “tawbah” and its effects.

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