Italian Shot in Head on New Year's Eve Sneezes out Bullet!

London, Jan 11 (ANI): An Italian man who was shot in the head during New Year’s Eve celebrations has stunned doctors by sneezing out the stray bullet.

Darco Sangermano was hit in the head by the .22 calibre bullet while partying out with his girlfriend in Naples – where revellers often use firearms to celebrate the New Year, reports the Daily Mail.

The bullet went through the right side of his head, behind his eye socket hit a bone in his nose and finally lodged in his nostril, before being sneezed out in hospital.

At the hospital, the 28-year-old labourer, who is recovering, said he felt no pain other than a strong headache.

Sangermano has returned to his hometown Turin after being released from hospital.

“This was a very strange case and the first of its kind I am aware of,” said Prof Sid Berrone, who carried out a ‘tidy-up operation’ on Sangermano’s nose to remove the bone fragments before discharging him.

“The bullet went through his temple, behind his eye, entered the nasal cavity and then became lodged in his nostril before he sneezed it out. Amazing!” he added.

“He was a very lucky man – he could have been easily killed,” said Berrone.

“He needed surgery just to clean up the wound, but other than that he was fine and we expect him to make a full recovery, he won’t even lose the sight of his eye,” he added. (ANI) source