Egyptian Citizens Inspire the World

Egyptian citizens inspire the world

What a wonderful show of citizens uniting peacefully and overthrowing a repressive regime in Egypt. Let’s hope the replacement government will be one that represents all of the people, with opportunities for individual growth and freedom.

Sadly, the U.S. played a role in propping up Hosni Mubarak’s regime. Almost $40 billion taxpayers’ dollars have been funneled into Mubarak’s pockets. It didn’t go to the people, obviously.

What does this say about our government? Now that we are contemplating cutting Social Security, health care and other social programs, maybe it’s time to step back and realize what could/should have been done with all the money given to foreign aid. We have given bailouts to the richest people on earth (Insurance Companies, Wall Street, Banks, etc.). We prop up whomever does our bidding, without concern for how the average citizen is affected-in any country!

It’s way past time to take care of our own people whose tax dollars are recklessly spent/wasted! Somehow, I doubt they’ll be millions gathering here in the streets for this. I envy and admire the power and actions the Egyptians have taken, and wish we had the same passion here.

BY NEIL FAHEY,  source