LIBYA, YEMEN, BAHRAIN: Protests continue & Chinese Activists Inspired

LIBYA, YEMEN, BAHRAIN: Protests continue to erupt across region  mor

Chinese activists inspired by Egypt protests (News Feature)

Beijing – ‘We have seen hope.Egypt is our tutor, the model for us to learn from,’ Chinese dissident Wei Shuishan said after he was released Monday release from 48 hours in police custody. more

Gaddafi joins people’s anti-government protest that demands to bring down the regime source

Libyan dictator warns against Using Facebook, Activists arrested Following the The deposed Tunisian dictator footsteps in Suppressing opponents

posted on: February 13, 2011
Cairo, February 13th , 2011
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today expressed surprise and resentment at the continuation of Libyan dictator resorting to practices that need psychological treatment , the latest of which was warning of using “Facebook” and arresting some Internet activists because of their support of the democratic revolution in Egypt, and calling Libyans to make democratic and economic reforms. more: source