Ingredient used in Coke and Pepsi are cancer risk: Call for ban

An influential lobby group has claimed that the ingredients used in coca-cola and Pepsi are cancer causing and they should be banned.
Some chemically enhanced artificial brown coloring agent used in cola drinks could cause cancer and should be banned, a US consumer advocacy group has claimed. The group also claimed that the caramel coloring used in Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and other foods is contaminated with two cancer-causing chemicals. Caramel itself is not harmful as it is made from melted sugar but the coloring agents used in caramel includes chemicals like ammonia and sulphites which is supposed to cause various cancers, the study in animals showed. The chemical reaction in preparing such colors results in formation of substances like 2-MI and 4-MI those results in lung, liver, or thyroid cancer. Researchers have found 4-MI while testing five brands of coke.
The group is entreating the Food and Drug Administration to forbid the ammonia-containing caramels, which are also used in other dark-colored soft drinks. source