Blood Rivers: Reports of Warplanes Bombing Protesters in Tripoli

O Allah! Save the blood of the innocents and destroy the Thalims and  Tyrants.

Reports of Warplanes Bombing Protesters in Tripoli

There are reports from Libya’s capital that warplanes are bombing protesters in the city, where veteran dictator Moamar Gaddafi clings to power.
There are conflicting reports out of Tripoli, with some saying they could hear gunfire in Tripoli and a political activist telling Al Jazeera warplanes were bombing the city.
But Adel Mohamed Saleh, who called himself a political activist in Tripoli, said the aerial bombing had initially targeted a funeral procession.
“What we are witnessing today is unimaginable. Warplanes and helicopters are indiscriminately bombing one area after another. There are many, many dead,” Mr Saleh told Al Jazeera television in a live broadcast.
“Our people are dying. It is the policy of scorched earth.” he said. “Every 20 minutes they are bombing.”
Asked if the attacks were still happening he said: “It is continuing, it is continuing. Anyone who moves, even if they are in their car they will hit you.” MORE

Hundreds dead in eastern city of Benghazi * “Thunderbolt” army unit said to have defected
* Tribal leaders threaten to cut oil exports
TRIPOLI, Feb 21 (Reuters) – Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi will fight a popular revolt to “the last man standing,” one of his sons said on Monday as people in the capital joined protests for the first time after days of violent unrest in the eastern city of Benghazi.
Anti-government protesters rallied in Tripoli’s streets, tribal leaders spoke out against Gaddafi, and army units defected to the opposition as oil exporter Libya endured one of the bloodiest revolts to convulse the Arab world.