Video: "What is the Evidence Pointing to the Existence of God?

“What is the evidence (daleel) pointing to the existence of  God (Allah)?”

The answer is:

Imam Shafi`i replied to the question in the following way, “The leaves of Toot (berries) are all but one. Each leaf tastes exactly the same.  Insects, honey bees, cows, goats, and deer live off of it.
After eating these the moth silk produces silk;
bees produce honey;
deer give musk (a special kind of scent),
cows and goats deliver off-springs.
Is this not clear evidence that one kind of leaf has so many qualities, and:
who created these qualities?
It is the Khaliq (Creator) who we call Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala) Who is the Inventor and the Creator.”

1: The mothsilk eats it and produces silk!

2- Bees eat it and Produces honey!

3- Deer eats eat it and produces Musk (Perfume)!

Cow and goat eat it and preduce milk and offspring!