"Today, I Am a Muslim Too" Rally

I’m A Muslim Too Rally: United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Congressman Peter King is planning on taking America back a few decades with his upcoming Un-American hearings about Muslim Americans.
by Archana Fernandez

If you, like numerous others are in opposition of Congressman Peter King’s, (Republican – Long Island), March 8save imagehearings dubbed as “Radicalization of Muslim communities in America”, then here is your chance to show support. Come March 6, 2011, members of diverse religious faiths throughout New York City are having a rally in opposition to Congressman King’s controversial hearing.

The rally will be held at Times Square, from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm and speakers would include Christian, Islamic and Jewish religious leaders and members of the entertainment industry will also show their support.

Congressman King, Chairman of the House Committee of Homeland Security, is of the opinion that American Muslim leaders have failed to cooperate with law enforcement officials in the effort to disrupt terrorist plots. His March 8 hearings would call upon Muslim and Arab witnesses to testify in the hearings centered on homegrown terrorism.

Congressman King’s opinions have sparked an outrage among members of various religious faiths in the country.

In a letter addressed to Speaker John A Boehner 51 Muslim, civil rights and interfaith groups criticized Congressman King’s views. “Singling out a group of Americans for government scrutiny based on their faith is divisive and wrong,” said the letter that was also signed by Amnesty International USA, the Interfaith Alliance and the Japanese American Citizens League.

Rabbi David Saperstein, Director, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism said “Having begun a conversation saying there is an inherent link between Islam and terrorism is harmful to religious tolerance in America and its strategic interests.” He further adds, “These hearings should be broadened to deal with religious extremism in different communities.”

In addition, on Presidents Day this year, faith leaders and laity of Islam, Jewish and Christian faith are gathering for a Pray-In outside Representative King’s home office on Long Island. They say their purpose is to show solidarity with their fellow countrymen and to reinforce the belief that the United States is founded on religious intolerance.

For more info on the Today, I am a Muslim Too Rally taking place on March 6th in Times Square, NY

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