The Sunnahs of Wetr Prayer


(Wetr prayer means ending the prayer at night with an odd number of Raka’s)

1- It is Sunnah, for the one who wishes to end the prayer at night with three Wetr Raka’s, to read after Al-Fateha :

Suraht Al A’laa no. 87{( Sabbih  Asma Rabbika Al-‘A`lá) in the first Raka,

Surat Al Kafirun no.109 {( Qul Ya  Ayyuh-Al-Kafirurn) in the second Raka,

 and Surat Al Ikhlaas no 112{( Qul Huwa Allahu ‘Ahad) in the third Raka, as narrated by Abu Dawood, At Termithi and Ibn Majah.

2- It is Sunnah to say, after finishing the Wetr prayer: (-Subhaanal-Malikil-Quddoosi- i.e. Glory is to The King, the Holy), three times. At the third time, as narrated by Ad-Dar Qotni, it is Sunnah to raise and extend his voice and say: (-Rabbil-malaa’ikati warroohi- i.e. Lord of the angels and the Spirit), authenticated by Al-Arna’out, and it was narrated by Abu Dawood and An-Nasa’ei.