Murfreesboro Police Have Identified him

Murfreesboro police have identified a road rage suspect after a Muslim woman’s complaint last week that she and her son were targeted with death threats and anti-Muslim slurs by a knife-wielding motorist.

“The case is currently under investigation by the criminal investigation division,” Murfreesboro Police Department spokesman Kyle Evans said via email. “They have identified a suspect and are currently working with the victim to bring the case to prosecution. We have notified the FBI as to the status of the investigation.”
The Council on American-Islamic Relations also has called for the FBI to investigate the incident.

The Washington-based organization made the request after WSMV-TV reported Wednesday night that the mother and son were harassed as they drove along Medical Center Parkway and Northwest Broad Street on Tuesday evening.

According to converted Muslim Lisa Sallaj, 43, of Murfreesboro, the incident happened when her 18-year-old son, who had just gotten his license, pulled into the path of a black Mustang, almost causing a wreck. The driver of the Mustang “went ballistic,” she said.

CAIR says hate-crime charges should be brought against the suspect when he is arrested. The group pointed to the vandalism and arson surrounding construction of a mosque just south of Murfreesboro as well as controversial legislation backed by state Sen. Bill Ketron of Murfreesboro that Muslim groups locally and nationally deemed as targeting Islam.

Murfreesboro police marked the “anti-Islamic” block on the police report as the bias motivation for the incident. Police say the tag on the black Mustang was registered to an owner in Lebanon.

The driver could face aggravated assault charges, police said ,  article source