Mobile Phone Throwing Championships!!!

Finland dominates mobile phone throwing championships

LEHTIKUVA / SARI GUSTAFSSONIt’s not the model that counts but what you do with it

Finnish competitors triumphed at the 2011 Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships in Savonlinna, holding down the top three places in the men’s, women’s and junior competitions.

Oskari Heinonen won the men’s category with a 76-metre throw, edging Antti Aiko by a metre.

Netta Karvinen dominated the women’s event with a toss of 48 metres, beating her nearest competitor, Marja Olli, by 12 metres.

The only category where the Finns did not prevail was the freestyle in which contestants, receive points for aesthetics and creative choreographics, according to the Mobile Phone Throwing Championship rulebook.

Australia’s Elaine Jung took home the freestyle prize followed by Mia Zarring and Sergei Mukhamedov.

A Finnish team from Ostrobothnia won the team event. About 50 contestants from Australia, Finland, Russia, Ukraine and the United States took part on Saturday, watched by 600 spectators.

The competition first took place in Savonlinna eleven years ago. Contestants are allowed to choose any brand or model and must make two throws within a minute. The longer of the two is measured. article source