Phoenix City Council Considers ‘Sin Tax’

PHOENIX – The Phoenix Food Tax left a bad taste in many people’s mouths. It generated $28-million extra for the city, but the added tax was unwelcome with people struggling to stay afloat in the down economy.

That tax runs out in 2015, and leaders are already looking at other options. One of them could include a so-called “sin tax.”

Right now it’s just an idea being looked into by the Phoenix City Council.

The idea is to raise extra revenue for the city if the food tax expires by taxing things like strip clubs and tattoo parlors.

As you can imagine, tattoo artists in Phoenix are hoping this sin tax doesn’t go through.

At 27 Tattoo Studio in downtown Phoenix, tattoo artist Mark Mayhem has built up a loyal clientele.

He worries what would happen at tattoo parlors around the city if the so-called “sin tax” is passed.

“As to be expected from an artist, I really feel like it’s going to hurt some of our business,” he says.

Mayhem says the idea of taxing something like a tattoo is going too far, and that it shouldn’t be lumped together with strip clubs and other vices that could be taxed.

“I’m an artist. That would be like taxing painters or authors. But, I hope it doesn’t go through.”

He took some time today between customers to do some research on the potential tax, and also took to social media to take an informal poll.

“I put it on my Facebook. I’ve got a lot of friends… resounding no, it can’t happen.”

Mayhem’s studio is a sterile environment, but he worries a tax could lead to an increase in back-alley tattoos.

The main worry with it is that it will entice people to do it the wrong way.

Right now, this is only one of many ideas being considered by city leaders to bring in more money. Council members say they want to examine all options — and not make a rushed decision. article source