Janaazah Workshop

Janazah work shop date changed to  Sunday 10/23, at:  2 pm – 4pm, Due to the participation, o the Islamic Society Of Western Massachusetts in  the Greater Springfield CROP Hunger Walk 2011  seeIslamic Center Of Western Massachusetts walk for Hunger

Washing and burying the deceased is a fard kifayah (collective obligation) upon the community. It is important that within every community we have knowledgeable brothers and sisters who can wash and bury our deceased. If you areAs the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) mentioned,  (which means): “whoever washes a body is forgiven from 40 major sins.” Hakim said: sound Hadith.
Join this workshop to learn about death, funeral preparations, washing the body, shrouding and burial. Hands-on practical workshop.

 interested in gaining the great reward for this deed, hurry and register now : [email protected]


Who: Ages 14 and above

When: Sun 10/16, 2 pm – 4pm
Where: Islamic Society of W. MA
Why: Learn how to wash, shroud and bury to be able to volunteer at your local Masjid for funeral needs.
Cost: This course offered at no cost. Donations encouraged to support our educational programs.