Quirky’s ‘Ray,’ a Solar-Charging Suction Cup

Quirky’s ‘Ray,’ a Solar-Charging Suction Cup

Ray sticks to a window and slurps up the sun


How do you make sure your solar panel is always pointing at the sun? Well, sticking it in the window would be a good start, and that’s just what Quirky’s new Ray does — literally.

Ray is a combined solar charger and suction cup, meaning you can stick it to the windshield of your car or the window of a sunny room and convert photons into precious electrons. The simple device also contains a battery, so you can store energy by day and drain it by night. According to the specs, the battery holds enough juice to fully charge a cellphone.

Fresh out of windows? Ray has you covered with a flip-out kickstand, which doubles as a cable tidy for the USB cord when not in use.

I like it, and I’d probably sign up for the $40 needed to pre-order if I wasn’t so impatient. Quirky waits until enough pre-orders have been received before the production lines run, and this can take a looong time. Still, order now and I guess you’ll have one in time for next summer’s sun. SOURCE