Must Watch: Understanding Diabetes

How Can We Protect Ourselves From Diabetes?

Children who usually drink juices are experiencing drinking and urinating a lot. Some parents are very worried that this could be a sign that their child has the symptoms of diabetes though, the big sign of having such illness can be notice if your child is experiencing weight lose.

Based on studies, if your body is not producing enough hormones which the insulin or on the contrary if your body is not using insulin on the right way, you have a high risk of having diabetes. Carelessness with this illness will lead to the following complications:

a) Blindness

b) Heart attack

c) Amputation

d) Kidney failure

e) Strokes

Only few people have been diagnosed at early stage because some of the symptoms are the same with other health conditions. Diabetes is a severe illness most especially if it is not identified at an early stage. It will be better for you to make necessary research about the symptoms of diabetes or to know about diabetes symptoms checker itself. So that you’ll be aware if your child is already positive with this kind of disorder and proper medication will be given at the right time. It is also very helpful for you to have at least some background knowledge so that you will not over react if you see something different with your child.

Here are some of the symptoms that could be very helpful to you to diagnose if your child or you as a parent is experiencing one or more of these:

1) Bruises or sores which heal very slow

2) Urinating frequently

3) Frequent drinking

4) Getting hungry very extremely

5) Has itchy and dry skin

6) Weight lose

7) Blurred vision

8) Getting tired quickly and unusual drowsiness

9) Numbness of hand and feet

10) Skin infections, even on gums, bladder and vaginal yeast

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it would be better to see your doctor for further medication so that complications will not occur once it’s already treated. Just remember prevention is better than cure. So do not wait for more complications to appear before you finally realized that you have to see a doctor and get treated.

At an early stage, you might not notice some of the symptoms of diabetes so you will not immediately notice that you already have the disease. Damages to the different parts of your body are already starting without noticing it. So, do you think you are already at risk of diabetes? Who are the common people that can be at risk of such illness? Here are the diabetes symptoms Checker and some factors that you have to know for prevention:

a) Older than 45 years old

b) If you are overweight

c) You are not exercising everyday

d) If your parents or siblings have diabetes

e) If you gave birth to a baby weighing more than 9 pounds

f) If you had gestational diabetes when you were still pregnant

g) If you are the following: Hispanic American/Latino, African American, Pacific Islander, Native and Asian American

If you have one of those factors, it would be better to see your doctor for screening so that proper medication will be given.

How does screening for diabetes works?

If you will undergo with this screening in the morning, you are not allowed to eat the night before so that you have the standard basis for your blood sugar. If the result of your blood test is 110 mg/dl (“mg” stands for milligrams and “dl” stands for deciliter), you have a normal blood sugar. However, if the result ranges from 125 mg/dl or higher, it already suggests that you are positive with diabetes. If you have 2 results higher than 125 mg/dl on consecutive days, that is the only time that the doctor can declare that you have diabetes on the other side, if your blood sugar ranges from 110 mg/dl up to 125 mg/dl, you might have a high risk of diabetes.

It is very important to become aware about diabetes. Diabetes Symptom Checker is one of the good ways to diagnose diabetes. As early as possible, you can prevent yourself from this serious illness. Don’t wait for the symptoms to occur, instead, have a good and healthy lifestyle for a better future.