Return of Arabia to Being Full of Pastures & Rivers

Prophet Mohammad made a very significant prophecy. He prophesied in a Hadith (transmitted in 2 variations) that the land of the Arabs (Arabian Peninsula) will return to being paradises and rivers. Through our analysis of numerical values of words in this prophecy, we have managed to discover in which this is likely to happen.

Based on Abu Huraira, Prophet Mohammad said: ” The Hour (of Resurrection) will not occur….. until the land of the Arabs returns to being pastures and rivers.” (Sahih Muslim).

A variation of this Hadith appears in Musnad Ahmad:

The Hour (of Resurrection) will not occur until the Arabian Peninsula returns, as it used to be, paradises and rivers.” (Musnad Ahmad)

The Quran in verses 131-135 of Sura Al-Shu’ara (Chapter 26) mentions that the land of people of Aad in Arabia used to be like paradise before God destroyed the city and turned Arabia into desert because they disobeyed God. There are lots of indications that the U.S. is similar to Aad and will receive a similar punishment from God:

131. So fear Allah and obey me. 132. And fear Him (Allah) Who has helped you with the things which you know. 133. He has helped you with cattle and children, 134. And (also) with gardens and springs. 135. Surely I fear the torment of a Terrible Day coming upon you. (Chapter 26: 131-135)

At the time of Prophet Mohammad and until today, Arabia has been a desert.

This indicates that the Arabian Peninsula used to be green pastures many centuries ago, instead of its current condition as a desert. More importantly, this means we should expect a major cosmic event in the upcoming years that will cause such a dramatic change in World climate.


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