Alert: Chemical Weapons Spotted in Homs

people, of  the City of Homs, are burn alive by criminal forces of Asad in syria

By John Mak

Opposition forces and defecting soldiers have stated that they have seen a large stockpile of chemical weapons being stockpiled in a school building in the city of Homs. Recently, a Russain ship delivered weapons to Syria’s army, and gas masks and chemical weapons were a part of the shipment. Knowing Assad, and his Baath Party partner, Saddam Hussain, no one would put this past him.

Assad is a member of the Baath party, the same party that Saddam Hussain hailed from. In 1988, Hussain gassed the entire Kurdish town of Halabcha and killed nearly 10,000 men, women, and children indiscriminatly. Assad appears to be preparing to repeat this horrific act on the town of Homs.

According to eye witness accounts and army defectors, the Syrian army is distributing gas masks to all of it’s soldiers and secret police. They are delivering them by the truckload to checkpoints and other locations.

Will the world standby and watch a brutal dictator gas an entire city of 500,000 people? With the aid of the Russians and Chinese?   source