10 EU States Slam Radical Dutch

Ambassadors of 10 EU countries have called on the Dutch government to denounce a far-right party’s website that urges citizens to report their complaints about central and eastern Europeans.

In an open letter signed on Tuesday, the envoys demanded that the Dutch “distance themselves from this deplorable initiative,” which they described as “clearly discriminatory.”

The site, launched last week by the hard-line Dutch politician Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, has urged citizens to report “central and east Europeans … for general nuisance, pollution and labor market displacement.”……..

Wilders, who is also widely known for inciting hatred against Muslims and spreading Islamophobia, made headlines worldwide in March 2008, after making a controversial anti-Islam movie called Fitna. The 20-minute movie sought to desecrate the Holy Qur’an by trying to establish a link between Muslims’ holy book and terrorism.   to read the entire article source