She brays 30 Times a Day!

Pregnant Tourettes teen claims getting in the family way causes her to bray, just like a donkey

Cody Hagel makes donkey noises more than 30 time a day since falling pregnant

Tourettes teen: Pregnant Cody hadn't previously suffered from verbal tics

A pregnant teenager suffering with Tourettes was stunned when she started braying like a DONKEY days after conception.

Cody Hagel, 18, began suffering with the debilitating condition when she was 14 years old.

For years she experienced between 10 and 20 leg twitches and head jerks a day but her tics were never verbal.

But her family were shocked when Cody started to make donkey noises – more than 30 times a DAY – after falling pregnant five months ago.

She revealed that she has also started to shout the word “yes” and “haha” as well as experiencing the tics she had before conceiving.

The teen lives with her dad Dwayne and her mum Tanya on their farm in North Dakota, US.

They keep two donkeys called Oliver and Rachel who might be responsible for the teenager’s embarrassing affliction.

She said: “It’s a familiar sound on the farm so that probably explains why I’ve started to mimic it.

“I have my own theory why this has happened. My Tourettes started with the onset of puberty and I think my pregnancy hormones are probably to blame for the change in my tics.

“The braying started pretty much immediately after I fell pregnant an I’ve been suffering with it ever since.  ENTIRE ARTICLE AT THE SOURCE