Muslim Faith-Based Organization Shows How Faith and Public Service Intersect


 Can one be true to faith and yet be involved in “public service”? Can being religious and faith-driven be a force for good while working in a “secular” world?

Often, the Western world sees the separation of church and state in black and white terms, but there is a case to be made for projects and organizations which do very important work in public service and navigate the world of faith and public service in a nuanced manner.

We at Muslim Public Service Network (MPSN) help young American Muslims answer these difficult, but relevant questions.

Scanning the landscape of the U.S., Red Cross and Red Crescent, Islamic Relief, and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) are examples of organizations that impact millions of lives around the world through their work – and are driven by their commitment to the same faith that inspired the founders.

Similarly, we at MPSN aim to inspire and engage young American Muslim leaders to enter public policy circles. We have a base of over 250 alumni, who have served America and the world in a very tangible manner. Since 1994, our unique curriculum and high caliber of program applicants has attracted many prominent Muslim scholars and experts who have enthusiastically volunteered their time and knowledge to support the program.