No Revealing Dresses in Southington

As prom season approaches, the new dance dress code for Southington High School is something students are thinking about, and some are not happy about it.

A dress or pair of shorts that rises above the fingertips, even when a student is dancing, is not allowed.

Girls have to keep their midriffs covered and the material cannot be transparent or opaque.

Dresses cannot go below the braline and the back of the dress cannot fall below the waist. Shirts and shoes must stay on throughout the prom.

“If you think your shoes will become uncomfortable during the dance, bring flip flops or other shoes,” the dress code requires.

Some students were disappointed by the new rules.

“I think it’s stupid,” Kayley Alfano said, “You should be able to wear whatever you want to wear to the prom.”

Some parents, on the other hand, felt the school made a good choice by telling students to cover up.

“We don’t let her wear stuff like that to begin with. We teach modesty in our home, so I don’t even let her walk out of the house like that,” Cindy Madore said.

“Just for decorum sake to have a little bit of a boundary is appropriate,” parent Pam Kohlberg said.

Principal Martin Semmel said parents, administrators and students made the new rules to help make everyone more comfortable.

“This is a school event. We’re not going to the beach, we’re not going to a nightclub, this is a school eventm so we do get to set some expectations,” he said.  source