Video: “Jindo – The Mysterious Sea Parting”

This past weekend I was able to experience Jindo – the parting of the sea. It was a very long day, but definitely worth it! To begin this post – for a little Korean history please read…


The legend of Jindo Sea Parting:
Legend says that Grandma Ppong made the parting of the sea parting possible, just like Moses 3,000 years ago. The legend states that a long time ago, the people of Jindo Island were frequently attacked and killed by tigers, so they took a raft and moved to the nearby Modo Island. However, an elderly woman named Grandma Ppong was accidentally left behind. The old lady longed to be reunited with her family and prayed for help night and day to the Dragon King of the Sea. Then, one night, the Dragon King appeared to her in a dream and told her to cross the sea by walking on the rainbow that he will provide for her. When she awoke the next morning, she ran to the sea and a rainbow-shaped opening appeared in the water between Hoedong-ri and Modo-ri. The people of Jindo Island still perform an annual ritual dubbed the Yongdung Festival for the Dragon King in remembrance of the sea-parting miracle and Grandma Ppong……. entire article at source