The Times: Survivors Tell of Syria Massacre (+Video)

Warning: this Video can cause heart problems (Sadbye humanity!)

Syrian survivors tell of Idlib massacre BY:ANTHONY LOYD 


Saudi Arabia is delivering military equipment to Syrian rebels in an effort to stop bloodshed by President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, a top Arab diplomat said. Source: AFP

THEIR wounded were shot and their dead defiled. The Free Syrian Army fighters in Idlib knew better than to expect mercy.

But accounts from men who escaped the city as it fell to the Syrian army last week describe atrocities that suggest a new benchmark in brutality by a regime that has already lost its moral legitimacy.

Majid, 25, an air conditioning engineer who was crouching with his Kalashnikov behind a barricade on Ibn Sina Hospital Street in western Idlib last Sunday, saw comrades knocked down by the blast of a tank shell at the Nahle roundabout.

“Some were still alive but there was nothing we could do to help them,” he said yesterday (Sunday) in Turkey, still clutching the binoculars through which he watched their fate.

“We couldn’t get near them to help as we had only Kalashnikovs against the advancing tanks. We could only watch.”

Majid and his small band of resistance fighters, including teachers, lawyers, a butcher, a carpenter and a painter, saw a T72 tank advancing with troops.

“Then I saw the soldiers moving among the dead and wounded. Some soldiers stopped to piss on the casualties. Afterward they walked around finishing off the wounded.”

It was a little after 8am on the second day of the Syrian Army’s operation to seize Idlib, a city in the northwest. Already Idlib was in chaos as ill-equipped FSA fighters, some hiding behind piles of loose sand they had dumped in the streets for cover, broke under shellfire, falling back towards the city centre.

Speaking to The Times at length in a house in southwestern Turkey used by recuperating rebels, Majid was quite clear as to what happened next.

“I saw the soldiers pull eight bodies from the roundabout on to the road,” he said.

“They laid them in a row and then drove a column of five armoured vehicles over their bodies – two tanks, a Shilka anti-aircraft vehicle and two armoured personnel carriers. I counted the bodies and I counted the vehicles that crushed them.”

He had little time for horror. Minutes later a tank shell hit his own position, wiping out his group and wounding him in the knee.

“There wasn’t time to think. Three of us were dead, another two severely wounded and 11 hit, including me. We were slung on the back of a pick-up and withdrew to the city centre….” THE ENTIRE ARTICLE AT SOURCE