Tea Being Bitter Doesn’t Mean There’s No Sugar In It

A letter from my  friend:

The moment you stir the tea, its sweetness appears. Hence, the sugar was there but it needed someone to stir it.
Likewise, there is good inside most people, and all it needs is someone to stir it. We are all weak, and whoever claims to always be strong is lying. We are human beings… We have hearts and emotions that love, hate, become merciful, become cruel, and sometimes we injure without caring!
Don’t bury your injuries in the grave of silence!
You always have the freedom to vent… Cry a little so your hearts may feel a bit of relief.
Walk away from the cement buildings and all the furniture… and take a fresh, deep breath.
Write, or scream if you wish; the important thing is to not leave your heart surrendering to weakness until it collapses.
A sparkle:

Don’t always compare yourself with others, for wrongful comparing is the reason behind the disbelief of Iblees and the injustice of Yusuf’s brothers.