Bhoja Air Boeing 737 crashes in Pakistan, all 127 on board killed (VIDEO)

All 127 people on board a Bhoja Air Boeing 737 have been killed after the plane crashed several kilometers short of Islamabad airport. Pakistan’s Interior Ministry confirms there are no survivors.

“There is no chance of any survivors. It will be only a miracle. The plane is totally destroyed,” police officer Fazle Akbar said.

Fears were high the death toll might rise as the plane crashed in a residential area. But Islamabad police chief Bani Yameen says that nobody on the ground appears to be killed. The plane only hit some electricity poles, blanketing the area in darkness, reports Reuters.

The fire put out, emergency workers searched among smoldering wreckage and body parts for any sign of life at the crash site just a few kilometers from the Benazir Bhutto International Airport. The wreckage was spread out over a one-kilometer wide area.

Bhoja Airlines flight BHO-213 was flying from Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city and a major seaport, to Islamabad when it crashed in bad weather, as the country’s Civilian Aviation Authority confirmed.

Four children are believed to be among the victims. Local media say a newly wed couple was on board with plans to spend their honeymoon in the capital. 

“My brother’s wife was on board this flight,” says Naveed Khan, who is one among family members gathered at Karachi’s airport. “We pray for their departed souls, what else can we do now?”

Witnesses say the plane was already ablaze, when it was descending. Sama TV reports it was struck by a lightning, as a violent rain, wind and thunder storm was lashing the capital at the time of the crash, which occurred about 6:40 pm local time.

“It was really bad weather for a flight,” said Navy captain Arshad Mahmood, who lives near the crash site. “The pilot was forced to move down to avoid clouds that were generating the lightening and thunder.” entire article source