Surah Competition winners


Attatched is the final picture of the Surah Competition winners receiving their engraved plaques this past Sunday April 22.  The winners present in picture are in order:
Husain Hasan(1st place), Hassan Hasan(1st), Mariam Shaikh(1st), Inaya Ahmed(3rd), & Mashael Abdi (2nd). The winners not pictured were: Abdullah Abbasi (1st), Omar Aydah (2nd), Afnaan Abdul baki (2nd), Maryam Aydah(2nd), Khadeeja Abbasi (3rd), Afaq Amin (3rd), Mohammad Dariye (3rd).
*please note there were 4 levels according to age that were given 1st, 2nd, 3rd place plaques & gift card