Sunday School Certificate Ceremony

Assalamu Alaikum,

Alhamdulillah, with the Grace of Allah SWT we were able to have a certificate ceremony for all the Sunday School students present this past Sunday. The ceremony marks the end of the Sunday School year, but it’s purpose is to motivate all students to Love learning about Islam, our beloved Prophet (S), and Creator of all creations, Allah SWT.



As both Principal, Dr. Zubair Kareem and Vice Principal, Dr. Ali Hazratji noted in their speeches, that Sunday School is important where we are planting the ‘seed’ of knowledge but it is really up to each family to take time out everyday for even 10 minutes a day learning about our beautiful deen (if you would like some recommendations for good books for summer please reply back). As the summer approaches us, we can easily do this in hope that as our children grow, they have deeper love for Allah SWT and follow the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (S).photo-2Also, we would like to thank all the teachers who dedicated every Sunday to educate the next generation of Muslims. May Allah SWT reward you all immensely, and we pray that Allah SWT continues to put barakat in your time so you can continue to give back to our community. For those of you who maybe interested in teaching at the Sunday School for next year please reply back so we can get in touch with you, insh’Allah.May Allah SWT bless all these young minds and keep them upon the righteous path. Ameen! Have a great & safe Summer, insh’Allah.


Sunday School Staff & Administration