17 Years After the Calamity is Bosnia Healing?

المرأة البوسنية.. بين جرابافيتشا وفأر ميت
denial. They try to put every barrier possible against the Bosniaks. The healing process needs an apology, which the Serb psyche has not yet grasped. Here lies the immense task of EU leadership.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country of stunning beauty with majestic mountains and pristine land, lakes, fountains and waterfalls. The people are warm-hearted, tolerant and respectful. The war and sufferings have failed to tarnish these qualities in them. The outgoing Grand Mufti takes inspiration from how the Prophet of Islam responded to the inhumanity of his adversaries. In response to the personal torment and humiliation that the Prophet faced he did not se

ek revenge, rather prayed for their wellbeing. Let us hope that

  barriers to peace fade away in this ‘garden of Europe’ and justice prevails. the entire article