NBCNews: Fasting for 17 Hours Each Day: How Muslim Olympians

Fasting for 17 hours each day: How Muslim Olympians cope during Ramadan

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The issue of religious observance in sport is not new: The film “Chariots Of Fire” told the story of British runner Eric Liddell who withdrew from a 100-meter race in 1924 because a qualifying heat took place on a Sunday.

‘Fasting doesn’t have to mean weakness’
Muslim sportsmen at Thursday’s iftar said observance may actually help performance.

“Fasting doesn’t have to mean weakness, it can help you find strength from within,” said Colin Nell, a 27-year-old soccer coach and skills champion from London whose mother is of Palestinian and Yemeni descent.

Jim Seida  /  NBC News

Colin Nell, a 27-year-old soccer coach and skills champion, attended an iftar in Bethnal Green, East London, on Thursday.

Despite not having eaten since before dawn, he drew applause for an energetic routine of ball-balancing tricks.

“It is something you get used to, and it is surprising how easily the body adapts.  THE ENTIRE ARTICLE