U.S. Muslim Groups Declare ‘Day of Solidarity with the Syrian People’

On Friday, August 10, mosques and Islamic centers nationwide will take part in a “Day of Solidarity with the Syrian People” to raise awareness about the growing humanitarian disaster created by that nation’s dictatorial regime and to raise funds for civilian relief assistance.

WHATNational Day of Solidarity with the Syrian People at U.S. Mosques
WHEN: Friday, August 10, (Prayer times will vary.)
WHERE: Mosques Nationwide
CONTACT: To find a local mosque taking part in the solidarity campaign, contact Syrian American Council Director of Government Relations Mohammed A. Ghanem (571-263-1310,[email protected]).

The “Save Syria” coalition of national Muslim and Syrian-American organizations,* is asking mosque religious leaders (imams) to dedicate their sermons (khutbas) during the normal Friday congregational prayers to urge support for the Syrian people and their desire for freedom.

Worshippers will be provided with information about accredited relief organizations serving civilians who have suffered at the hands of the Syrian regime. American Muslims and other people of conscience will also be asked to contact their elected representatives to urge action to help stop attacks on civilians.

[NOTE: On Saturday, September 8, thousands of people will take part in a “Walk for the Children of Syria” at locations nationwide. The events are designed to generate vital funds for Syrian children suffering under Assad’s regime and to raise awareness about the increasing humanitarian catastrophe as a result of the regime’s brutal anti-freedom crackdown. Proceeds from the walks event will benefit the work of UNICEF. For more details, CLICK HERE.]

*Sponsoring Organizations: (Alphabetical Order)

  • Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

  • Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)

  • Islamic Relief USA

  • Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

  • Muslim American Society (MAS)

  • Muslims Without Borders

  • Syrian American Council (SAC)

  • Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS)

  • Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF)

  • Syrian Expatriates Organization (SEO)

  • Syria Relief and Development (SRD)

  • United for Free Syria (UFS)