Syrian Criminal Regime and Allies Executed Hundreds (in a House of Worship)

Syria Dictator Kills 450 in Daraya 8 25 12, Executes 150 in Abu Suleiman Aldarani Mosque

CNN : At least 150 reported killed across Syria; activist says families executed MORE:

 “please do not watch, the following Video, if you have weak heart”

Brief summary of the massacre committed in Daraya, Damascus’s suburbs – 25/8/2012
Extrajudicial executions and sniping of over 200 civilians –

After the Free Syrian Army soldiers retreated from the city on Friday night (24/8/2012), the 
regime’s forces invaded the area brutally and began to storm houses and arbitrarily arrest civilians as they vandalized and broke all that came in their way. 2 horrific massacres were committed against civilians; most of them were extrajudicially executed, others sniped, and others got killed and dumped in streets (reason of their death has not been documented yet).

Snipers then stationed themselves on the rooftops overlooking main streets in the city and began to snipe anyone they see, indiscriminate be it children, elderly, or women.
86 martyrs were documented within the day and hundreds of civilians got reportedly wounded.

At night, another dreadful massacre was uncovered. 156 corpses were found, all executed in Abo Sulaiman Al Deerani mosque, where civilians took refuge in it and in another asylum near the mosque as they all fled the bombardment that has been targeting their residential houses. Amongst them overall 156 martyrs are 19 women and 3 children. Other corpses were found in streets and some in orchards too.

Regime’s forces, as they continue to commit these atrocities and collective punishment against innocent, unarmed civilians, are now banning anyone from leaving the city as refugees. Several civilians got killed on barrier or on streets, sniped by snipers as they attempted to flee Darayah.

Martyrs’ names are still being documented and the death toll is likely. Their names will be sent in upcoming reports SOURCE


(CNN) — A day after more than 440 bodies were recovered — thehighest single-day death toll to date in the nation’s civil war — at least 150 more people were found dead in Syria on Sunday.

Here are some of the latest key developments in the country’s 17-month crisis.

On the ground: Daraya becomes a horror story

On Sunday, 60 people were killed in Damascus and its suburbs, the opposition Local Coordination Committees of Syria said. The LCC said 21 people, including an entire family, were found dead in the Damascus suburb of Daraya.

It said 47 people were killed Sunday in Daraa, the town south of Damascus near the Jordanian border where Syria’s uprising began.

CNN spoke by Skype to an activist named Osama, who said the army was executing families in their homes in Daraya and stealing some possessions.

He said shelling began last Monday and the military closed all the ways in and out. He kept contact with people inside Daraya through the Internet.

He was told the army moved into the neighborhood on Friday and began sweeping through buildings where families were taking cover.

At least 50 bodies were found in one apartment basement, he reported.  READ MORE: