Norway Appoints First Muslim Minister for Culture

This achievement for a Muslim woman at a time when we are witnessing to offend Islam in many works of art and film
And here is strange that this small woman Age: 29 years old
Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg of Norway has appointed a 29-year old Muslim woman, Hadia Tajik, as Norway’s Minister of Culture.
There is information about the new minister:
Hadia Tajik born Pakistani origin, on the eighteenth of July 1983, a small town belonging to the province of Strand, Norway, and this is also among the younger members of the current government, as at the age of only 29 years.
Hadia Tajik finished her studies and completed her primary school senior where he graduated in 2001, then went to the United Kingdom for the Study of Human Rights at Kingston University between 2004 and 2005,
And got a BA in journalism from the University in Norway and then went to study law at the University of Oslo and got a master’s degree in law in 2012 year.
It seems that Hadia Tgiu related to the defense of the veil and the exercise of political activity in Norway:
I knew Hadia Tajik political activity from an early age, were the leaders of the movement of young workers between 1999 and 2002,

She also worked as a political adviser to the Norwegian Minister of Justice between 2008 and 2009 and became part of a group known as “relations veil” of the ministry, which was one of the most important decisions they are granted the right to policewomen women to wear headscarves at work.

But what about Hadia Tajik comments after the new functionality?
Minister of Culture announced the new Muslim Hadia Tajik, its program during the coming period, stressing the need to have cultural diversity an integral part of everyone’s life in Norway. SOURCE