Think on Your Feet

We have to use “our minds” before walking “our feet”

Death to: Addison inventor of the Lamp and Graham Bell inventor of the “Telephone”!

By: Mohammad Qassem Aljermozi

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I canceled the draft ideas by pencil for “Message America” and placed them in a desk drawer and customize this letter about the events inflamed in Muslim countries after the broadcast video clips on the internet of the film offending the master of creation Prophet Mohammad and his family… In this I hope those who will read this article amble and depth and reflection before any emotion:

Respectfully and Literature

Ridiculous… dirty .., decadent .., and other vocalizations downtrend agreed – almost – everyone in the description of the offending film the greatest of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Islam .., even the enemies of Islam have agreed in .., like (Bill O’Reilly) Media extreme when he said about the film in his daily program on Fox channel (the night of September 17) that: stupid movie …

The change also noted discourse in the American media when it is said the Prophet (PBUH) as saying: “The Prophet Muhammad” was by saying, “Muhammad” quilts… and that a lot of Americans speak respectfully about Islam and literature.

According to my knowledge and my contacts here and there, the vast majority of intellectuals, journalists and clergy in the Uncle Sam condemned the film .., and this means that there is a consensus that it is bad and decadent .., if how to use “our minds” to win the battle with minimal losses ..!?

The pure blood

That you want to connect to be that this film does not deserve to ask for it one drop of Muslim blood and one .., forbidden… HARAM .., the pure blood that A silt and loss of life.

I have treated us with all the intelligence and we acted with all the stupidity and emotion .., so why not face our enemies with the same mental and intelligence and wiping their land without being hurt ourselves.

I am not opposed to exit demonstrations .., but on the contrary… Instead of pretending graduated from dozens of young people break and destroy and kill each .., we can pretend millions and pressure without ruining . And let wise people think politicians are planning and legal work.

Here experience deemed successful in the activity of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), who awaited the follow-go media insult Islam and the lawsuits against it and missed and explains the truth… For example, last activities carried out by last Wednesday (September 19) when they made testimony and evidence to the hearing in the Senate on hate crimes against Muslims and Sikhs in America.

And these activities could (CAIR) to contribute to the mitigation of insulting Islam .., beside that (CAIR) established bridge between Muslims and the government and the media and others.

We also practice abuse

Noticed around Muslim’s countries you will find that we mismanage to Islam per day (and all net and all Dare ) For example, a senior official (Esquire) analyzes for himself and his family positions and steal millions of dollars of “Treasury” while some of the sons of the country eat “safe” public streets (drums litter) (Allah praise us) … Is this Islam Is this thing pleases Prophet Muhammad (S)!!!?

Worse than all this find a lot of Muslims at prayer and fasting Ramadan and pilgrimage home.. And see them lie and deceive and corrupt and practicing gossiping .., and worse, some drink alcohol and commit sins and vices .., it is addressed to those who insult Islam Lille day!!!?

Death… to those …!?

I am with the opinion that some of the U.S. administration policy bad toward Muslims .., so we must use our minds in dealing for such a position and determine arch and what we want. For example, some say: “Death to America” .., OK… in America more than than six million Muslims, in addition to the presence of millions of other do not hate Islam .., and we must attract them towards us not to push them toward the other side .., why to Anisotropy: “Death to the U.S. administration” that offend us and treat us inferiority.

Why only some emphasize the ugly face of America and forget the human face beautiful goal in the medical and research achievements and scientific inventions are scattered around the globe and that benefited mankind as a whole.

Those who are calling for the death of America using the light bulb invented by the American Thomas Edison and telephone invented by the American Graham Bell , also thy use the technology revolution ( Internet ) invented by the Americans how were in the forefront of these rebels “Revolution”!!!?

To this must be de-politicization of the scene because it has aspects in every dirty homeland and paid for – always – the ordinary citizen… Those who were killed in the demonstrations against bad movie were shot dead by their brothers in God, blood and soil!?

This goal aims to him are behind the movie… Will we use our minds before walking our feet (I hope)!!!?