Father didn’t realize he shot son

 The elementary school teacher who shot and killed his son after apparently believing him to be a burglar did not realize the magnitude of what he had done until after paramedics arrived to take the body away, authorities said Friday.

Police said that on Thursday, shortly after midnight, Jeffrey Giuliano got a frantic call from his sister, who was concerned that someone was trying to break into her home. At her behest, he walked next door to check on the house.
He later told investigators that he saw someone with a knife stalking the property’s perimeter and confronted him. A scuffle ensued, authorities said, and Giuliano fatally shot the intruder.
When police arrived, they found Giuliano, wearing a T-shirt and shorts, sitting on the side lawn of the house on Meeting House Hill Circle.
His son’s body lay sprawled several feet away on the driveway, still clutching the knife, authorities said. The 15-year-old was apparently clad in all black and wearing a ski mask.
“He didn’t know it was his son. … We made the identification.” State Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance said. He said Jeffrey Giuliano had not removed the teenager’s mask, as had been initially reported.

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