Miracle In The Eye


Miracle In The Eye
Before you finish reading this sentence, approximately one hundred billion (100,000,000,000) operations will have been completed inside your eyes. However fantastic it may seem, you possess an example (two, in fact) of the Universe’s ultimate technology. No scientist has ever come close to fully grasping it, let alone inventing anything remotely similar.

Whatever you have in your life is meaningful through your senses—vision and others. Your family, your house, your office, your friends and everything else in your surroundings, you quickly identify thanks to your vision. Without eyes, you could never get a quick, complete sense of everything that’s happening around you. Without them, you could never imagine colors, forms, scenes, human faces, or what the word beauty means. But you do have eyes, and thanks to them, you can now read these printed words before you.

Nor does the act of vision cost you very much effort. To see an object, all you have to do is to turn your gaze at it. You don’t need to bother giving “project, capture, and analyze” orders to your eyes, the components inside them, the optical nerves running to the back of your brain, nor to the brain itself. You need only look, just like the rest of the billions of creatures who have ever lived on our planet. Without having to work out the optical measurements, your eye’s lens can focus onto distant objects. Without needing to accurately compute the precise contractions of various muscles surrounding the lens, you only desire to see, and within a fraction of a second, that process is carried out for you. Like many people, you may never have realized what a miracle it is that thousands of independent processes can operate in a perfect harmony to enable you to see.

Nor did you have to struggle to develop a pair of those wonderful instruments. At birth, your eyes came as standard equipment, with free installation and, unless you had a particular defect, in perfect working order. Since then, you’re not likely to have felt any urge to ask the kind of questions you might upon receiving an expensive, anonymous gift, such as “Why did I get this?” or, “Who sent this to me?” or, “Exactly what do they want from me in return?.” Be assured that the Creator, Who lent you this blessing, will call you to account when the contract ends—which is sooner than you imagine.

Those who best understand how irreplaceable this blessing is, are people who lose their eyesight later in life. In the possible event that you are struck blind, your long list of lifetime plans and ambitions will be sidelined by just one wish: To regain your lost eyesight.

Had you been blind all your life, since birth, and after an operation, you could see all of a sudden, the reverse would be no less dramatic. Without a doubt, no gift in the world would seem more valuable. You would experience no greater happiness than at the moment your bandages were removed, and on the days that followed.

At this very moment, if you are not acknowledging the unique blessing of your eyes to the Gracious One Who has granted it to you, then you are being deeply ungrateful—a state of mind that, unfortunately, is shared by a substantial part of humanity.

Say: “It is He Who brought you into being and gave you hearing, sight and hearts. What little thanks you show!” (Surat Al-Mulk, 23) read more: http://harunyahya.com/en/works/2870/miracle-in-the-eye