George Bush Accidentally Votes For Obama

Former U.S. president George W. Bush accidentally voted for Barack Obama today at a polling place near his Crawford, TX home.

According to local reports, the two-term Republican was confused by the instructions on his electronic voting machine and mistakenly cast a ballot he intended to discard.

Witnesses say Bush argued with poll workers for several minutes afterwards in a effort to redo his vote, but in accordance with state law they ultimately denied his request.

The embarrassing incident may have gone unnoticed if it weren’t for a local newspaper reporter who happened to be voting in the next booth. Suzanna Everett, a politics correspondent for the Waco Times witnessed the entire ordeal and crafted a cunning scheme to make it public. entire artcile at:


  • slimatic

    In case anyone was wondering about the validity of this news information, please take a look at the news source – The Daily Currant. This is a satirical newspaper that pokes fun at the latest political, business, tech, and entertainment news satire.