Islam And The Go Green Concept


 Islam not only calls for environmental protection but also advocates its care. The concept is more comprehensive and not only protects earth from damage but also allows the environment to flourish.

ISLAM emphasises the necessity and importance of environmental protection so that man can live in harmony with nature, as well as achieve sustainable development, enrich life on earth, and make best use of available resources.

Islam talks not only of the relationship between Allah and man, and between peoples, but also provides guidelines on how to deal with our environment and natural resources.

Islam not only calls for environmental protection but also advocates care for the environment. The concept of caring for the environment is more comprehensive and deeper than protection as it involves different aspects such as protection from damage and pollution, as well as allowing for the environment to flourish.

In Islam, man’s relation to the earth is seen as that of a custodian.

It is required that man should work towards the conservation of earth, ensuring sustainability of natural resources for future generations.

There are general guidelines to develop the earth. ENTIRE ARTICLE AT