Letter from the Father of the Martyrs of Chapel Hill: “Re-connected for Love, Peace, Humanity and Charity”

Letter from the Father of the Martyrs of Chapel Hill sent to the Organizers of the Upcoming Islamophobia Conference in Albany NY.


On behalf of our families, Please allow me to convey our warmest gratitude to all of you for supporting us, thinking of us, praying for us and for commemorating our three children who had fallen while living the best way a human being could live.

Muslim Americans and all Americans have shown a heart-warming outpour of support and empathy to our families and our community.

The whole world has been shaken to see such beautiful souls and such meaningful lives reaped so early but to the will of Allah, we all submit.
From Hardship, emerge blessings and ease and from their death emerged a positive image for all beautiful Muslim youth and a light was shed on how our great religion could sincerely and genuinely be represented.

Their Murderer has declared his hate to religions on his website but has zoned in on the most vulnerable religion in the West falling pray to Billions spent on Islamophobia. On the night of their murder, Razan and Yusor have even parked their cars outside the parking lot and Deah parked in his own space. Hicks has told Yusor times and again how he hated the way she dressed and looked. She told us and she texted Deah the same, all included in the FBI collected evidence. He knocked on their door and with no argument or provocation whatsoever executed them all. Yusor and Razan were shot on top of thei heads with the gun pressing their Hijabs and Deah took many bullets with the last one added in his mouth as he laid down taking his last few breaths.

Our three winners have embodied how a Muslim child could grow up in the West and belong to their country and community and how they could live the American Dream while giving back and caring about humanity. The three have always enjoyed feeding the hungry, caring for the homeless, providing health care and dental care to refugees and to indigent Americans while also building houses for Habitat for Humanity.

Living Islam in the West and being proud of their Arab descent while loyal to this great country, our children have added more beautiful shades and colors to the American rainbow.

Deah, Yusor and Razan have done all of the above while also maintaining highest academic achievements and belonging to elite colleges and schools that commemorated them in perpetuity. North Carolina State University created six scholarships dedicated to candidates who emulate Our Three Winners Virtues. Each is supposed to prove “Leadership after Deah”, Community Service after Yusor and Creativity after Razan”. UNC created a Deah Day of Service and two Annual Academic Awards dedicated for Deah and Yusor.  They also enjoyed sports and arts and were young socialites. Their early demise and their beautiful lives have brought this whole nation and the world grieving together and have made all people of all faiths and all walks of life re-connect for love, peace, humanity and charity. They have also shed a wonderful light on how a Muslim American would live and contribute to this great society.

Our families and UMR established Our Three Winners Endowment as a premier example of a Muslim Waqf, now in excess of $650K and aiming for $5 Millions in three years. To contribute, go to www.umrelief.org and click on Our Three Winners Endowment.

While we await justice to be served, we urge everyone to honor the legacy of Our Three Winners by promoting peace, love, tolerance, charity and humanitarian work all over the country and across the world. We will fight hate with love, ignorance with tolerance and prejudice with acceptance, fairness and a genuine desire to know the other.

For those who allege that Muslims are a threat of their Way of Life, I say, Muslim Americans are just another one of The American Ways Of Life. As much as there is a black, Hispanic, Irish, Scottish, Jewish and others ways of American Life, we are proud of ours as well.

God bless you all, bless USA and bless the whole world.

Mohammad Abu-Salha, MD