God. Love vs Talk

By Marwan Al Masri,
Image result for ‫وقل عملوا‬‎Is faith in the heart? Is it there that your love for God resides? No doubt. But the more important question is: how do you know for sure that you actually love God and you are not just saying it?

Take for example your friends. How do you know they truly love you?
You know because of certain actions they take: always supporting you, advising you and being there for you in difficult times. Would you have thought people really cared for you if all what they did was claim how much they loved you and yet never showed up for your help and support?

Love might reside in the heart but the proof for love is action. God could have created us and then sent us directly to heaven or hell without having us live life since He already knows what is in our hearts. Yet here we are. What are we doing here?
Gathering proofs.

If God were to throw a person into hell fire directly using His omniscience as proof, that person could and would object and claim that the judgment is unfair and that he was not given a chance. Of course the Almighty is the All-omniscient, the All-Merciful and the All-Just. With His infinite wisdom, God allows us to live our lives and be witnesses for others and for ourselves. On the day of judgement, after all the proofs are shown, no one can object. Many will however try asking for a second chance.

We are here to collect proofs for or against ourselves for the day of judgement. The sign of our love to God is action. Obey God, follow His commands and stay away from His prohibitions and you are a person who loves God. Without action, there is no love. It will not matter how much you claim.

Ponder upon your daily life. What do you mostly do and think of? What is your intention behind your actions? This should tell you the things your heart currently loves the most.
And if you wanted to get your heart devoted to God and only to Him, imagine taking everything – one by one – out of your life. The things you can’t live emotionally without are things occupying parts of your heart. Your heart needs to be cleansed. Our hearts need to be cleansed.